"The Musicians" Series

To assure that the "feeling of the moment" will be accurately captured, Eric begins sketching in the presence of the musicians as they play. Once in his studio, he expands those concepts onto larger paper or canvas and begins to improvise . As the images evolve they are infused with a healthy dose of imagination, and by the time they are finished they have just the right "harmony."

"The excitement of the music...that's what these images are all about, says Eric.The musicians lost in the beauty of what they are playing; the crowd being swept away with them .....Hopefully ,what the viewer of these paintings will feel is the raw excitement that I felt in the presence of the music.... and during the making of the painting itself."












The Landscape Series (Places of the Heart)

These dreamlike landscapes are the culmination of Mr. Fitzpatrick's twenty five years spent painting on location throughout the U.SA., Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. But by far the biggest influence in this series is the five summers Eric lived and painted in Italy's Tuscany Region. It is there that he first learned to truly "feel" the landscape.

Now when Fitzpatrick paints on location, he tries to let the work come as much from within himself, as from the surrounding countryside. Says Eric, "The emotional response of an artist is absolutely crucial to his work. Feelings for the atmosphere and essence of a place are far more important than what lies in front of you."

By combining this emotion with careful observation, Eric's work reaches deeper than that of most landscape painters. Says Fitzpatrick, "I try to put the best of my heart and mind into every brushstroke. And by doing so, I hope to strike a universal chord in the viewer. Hopefully they will feel a sense of recognition while viewing these paintings, regardless of their locale."


The" Southern Culture" Series

As a Southerner, Mr. Fitzpatrick has always been fascinated by the way those in the South are raised, the subtleties of their culture, and particularly how they are taught to view their past. Southerners have much of which they can be proud, and much that must be re-examined in the light of modern reason.This series explores the myriad parts of the Southern Experience both past and present.




The Grief Site

Mr. Fitzpatrick has always believed that the life of an artist cannot--and should not --be separate from the work produced by that artist. With this concept in mind, Eric expressed his grief in oil and casein throughout the sickness and death of his beloved father, who died from lung cancer in the year 2000.The Grief Series, composed of self portraits and crucifixions was Eric’s attempt to express his pain and that of his father during the trying process.

The Series is presented here with the hope that it might help those who are in the midst of, or have gone through similar experiences.It is the artist’s desire that by encountering these images, the viewer might be put more in touch with their feelings, and thereby move further toward healing.

The Grief Site


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